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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

When performed correctly, sedation dentistry techniques are typically safe and effective methods for reducing dental anxiety and improving patient comfort. All of the sedation dentistry options we offer at Fawcett Center for Dentistry utilize FDA-approved medications and established methodologies. Furthermore, Dr. Wayde Fawcett and our staff have undergone the extensive training necessary to properly evaluate patients, implement various types of sedation, and monitor patient progress throughout the entirety of the process.

Before medication is administered, it is vital that every patient be evaluated and approved to undergo the desired level of sedation. Prior to treatment, Dr. Fawcett will ask you questions about the following topics to help determine the best option for sedation and ensure your safety while sedated:

Thoroughly and honestly relaying this information to our team can help prevent complications from occurring during or after your procedure. Additionally, Dr. Fawcett and his team will educate you about how to properly prepare for sedation and provide any instructions for you to follow after you complete treatment. If you have questions about sedation dentistry and the techniques we offer, we encourage you to contact our office to speak with a knowledgeable member of our staff.