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Sedation Dentistry Techniques for Alleviating Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety can be a serious barrier to patients seeking and receiving the dental treatment they need. Patients who are fearful or apprehensive about visiting the dentist are more likely to avoid necessary dental care, which can negatively impact oral health and create the need for more extensive treatment in the future. It is our goal at Fawcett Center for Dentistry to help reduce the anxiety of our patients by offering a full range of sedation dentistry options and soothing amenities. With techniques such as sedative medications and nitrous oxide gas, Dr. Wayde Fawcett can help patients at varying levels of dental anxiety undergo their dental treatment with ease.

We offer three different levels of sedation for our patients who desire a reduction in anxiety before and during treatment:

  • Light sedation
  • Moderate sedation
  • Deep sedation

The degree of sedation used will depend on several factors, however, the ultimate goal is always the same – to provide safe, effective sedation that reduces anxiety and improves patient comfort. Before your treatment, Dr. Fawcett will thoroughly evaluate your health, discuss your options for sedation, and review what you can expect from each type of sedation he suggests. Whether you would like to simply calm your nerves before treatment or if you prefer to be completely asleep during the procedure, Dr. Fawcett can likely deliver a solution that meets your needs.

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