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What if I Don’t Have Enough Bone for Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are a revolutionary alternative to traditional teeth replacement techniques such as dentures. By using the combination of a titanium post that serves as an artificial tooth root and a custom-designed porcelain crown, dental implants can provide results that both look and feel natural. Since the titanium post becomes fused to the jawbone in order to enhance the new tooth’s stability, ideal dental implant candidates will have good jawbone density to enable a secure base for the implant. Some individuals may not have adequate bone density for the traditional dental implant procedure; however, that does not always preclude them from taking advantage of implant-related procedures that can serve as an extraordinarily effective alternative to dentures.

The Teeth in a Day dental implant technique can often provide patients with minimal jawbone density a secure, comfortable teeth replacement option. By using just four to six dental implants strategically placed to maximize stability, your new set of custom-made replacement teeth can be attached with a precise fit and a natural aesthetic. The system is often used for patients who are not ideal candidates for a full set of dental implants, and this treatment can greatly improve overall quality of life. With this procedure, you can avoid common inconveniences with traditional dentures such as gum irritation, slippage, and messy pastes or adhesives. As an added benefit, this process can typically be completed in just one office visit, instantly rejuvenating your smile with beautiful, long-lasting results.

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