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What Are My Options if I Have Missing Teeth?

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A missing tooth can significantly impact your appearance, your ability to speak and chew, and the overall confidence you have in your smile. When left untreated, a missing tooth can do much more harm, such as increasing risk of movement for your remaining teeth, additional tooth loss, and more complicated health issues. Replacing a missing tooth can not only rejuvenate your smile, restore lost function, and boost your self-esteem, but it can serve as an important step in maintaining your overall health.

At Fawcett Center for Dentistry, we offer a number of different tooth replacement options:

  • A dental bridge fuses an artificial tooth between two porcelain crowns to fill the gap in your smile and protect the balance of your bite.
  • Dental implants utilize cutting-edge technology to replace the tooth root with a titanium post that is then capped with a porcelain replacement tooth for a durable and natural-looking restoration.
  • All-on-4 is an innovative technique that allows your dentist to replace a set of missing teeth in a single day. By strategically placing four dental implants into the jaw, a new set of teeth can then be securely fixed to maximize stability.

To learn which tooth replacement option can best meet your needs and expectations, please contact our practice today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wayde Fawcett.

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