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Houston Dentist Embraces the Mobile Revolution With Enhanced Dental Resource

Dr. Wayde Fawcett

Dr. Wayde Fawcett’s private practice, the Fawcett Center for Dentistry, P.A., recently released a new mobile-friendly version of its website that will allow patients access to a wealth of information on-the-go.

Houston, TX – The rapid rise of mobile technology has more and more people across the nation coming to expect websites to be informative and easily readable on portable devices. Dr. Wayde Fawcett, a general and cosmetic dentist in Houston, is joining the mobile revolution to help web visitors attain quick, educational, easy-to-navigate information about his practice while they are on-the-go. The Fawcett Center for Dentistry, P.A. recently launched a new mobile-friendly version of their website that allows patients to access from anywhere the same information that they would from their home or office, using any type of internet-capable device. The mobile website is designed to be easily navigable, regardless of which mobile device the patient chooses.

Dr. Fawcett says the most important update to the Fawcett Center for Dentistry’s website is the implementation of responsive technology, a relatively new website design technique that allows the website to detect which type of device – be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone – the patient is using to access information. The new website will automatically adjust the size and the page layouts depending on the size and type of device used to access it. This means visitors to the practice’s website will be able to browse and clearly access pages on teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and many other procedures from a portable device. Other features include:

  • One-touch call
  • One-touch email
  • Detailed biographies of the dental team
  • Patient testimonials
  • “Before and after” photo galleries
  • Location information and directions
  • Patient resources such as finance options

According to Dr. Fawcett, he believes that a well-educated patient ultimately leads to better results. When a patient enters Dr. Fawcett’s office for a consultation on a procedure, the Houston dentist says the patient who has taken time to research the procedure beforehand is better able to ask specific questions and raise their own concerns. He says this type of dialogue can lead to improved doctor-patient communication and ensure that both the patient and Dr. Fawcett have a clear understanding of the patient’s goals and what it will take to achieve them.

Dr. Fawcett says, since many patients are conducting more and more of their research on the internet, and spending more of their internet time on a mobile device, having a mobile-friendly website to make this information easily accessible is vital to any practice wishing to maintain exceptional (and flexible) educational avenues for patients. Dr. Fawcett hopes that, by giving his cosmetic dentistry patients a convenient means to learn more about the practice, the dentist, and the procedures offered before the consultation process even begins, patients can enter the office with a better understanding of the options available to them and what they can expect.

About Wayde Fawcett, DDS

Dr. Wayde Fawcett has been named “Top Houston Dentist” every year since 2003 by H-Texas Magazine. A graduate of the University of Texas-Austin and the University of Texas Dental School in Houston, Dr. Fawcett has been in practice for almost 30 years. He has been honored with the title “Master of the Academy of General Dentistry” (MAGD), as well as “Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists” (FICOI). Dr. Fawcett is an active member of various professional organizations, and, in addition, he proudly serves on the Texas board of directors for the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). At his private practice, the Fawcett Center for Dentistry P.A., Dr. Fawcett provides restorative, general, and cosmetic dentistry procedures, including complete smile makeovers. He is available for interview upon request.

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