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COVID-19 Safety Measures & Technology in Our Office

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Patient safety, sterilization, and disease control have always been top priorities at the Fawcett Center for Dentistry, P.A.. The threat posed by the coronavirus has motivated us to discuss important aerosol-reducing technology that Dr. Wayde Fawcett has been using for many years to provide a safer environment for our patients and office. These systems are now helping us to further protect patients from the spread of highly contagious COVID-19.

Aerosols produced during oral hygiene visits and certain dental procedures have been pinpointed as a potential risk factor for spreading COVID-19 at dental practices. To help control aerosols in our office, Dr. Fawcett has relied upon both the ReLeaf™ oral suction device and Isolite™ system for years. These technologies help us to provide a significantly safer environment for our patients and dental team, while still performing the high-quality dental treatments we are known for. Learn more about the ReLeaf oral suction device and Isolite system in the informative sections below:

  • We use the ReLeaf oral suction device during dental hygiene visits to reduce aerosol risk. The unique leaf-shaped design of the ReLeaf system provides multi-directional suction that effectively removes aerosols from within the oral cavity, preventing them from entering the air. ReLeaf is also hands-free and offers other significant benefits over traditional saliva ejectors, such as faster treatment times and eliminating safety concerns related to backflow.
  • We use the Isolite system during certain types of treatment and significantly reduce aerosol production. This device creates a controlled environment on one side of the mouth, quickly suctioning contaminated air and aerosols and preventing them from becoming airborne in the office environment. Dr. Fawcett can treat both top and bottom teeth on the isolated side of the mouth at the same time. The Isolite system also helps prevent contamination of the treated tooth.

If you have questions about these systems or want to learn more about our enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols, such as temperature checks and mask requirements, we encourage you to contact our practice for additional information.

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