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Cosmetic Dentistry Trends: Smile Makeover and Full-Mouth Restoration

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In recent years, the demand for comprehensive smile makeover and full-mouth restoration procedures has dramatically increased. As a cosmetic and restorative dentist at the forefront of dental advancements, Dr. Wayde Fawcett attributes this emerging trend to several important contributing factors:

  • Advancement of 3D dental imaging technology enables more precise diagnosis, individualized smile design, treatment planning, customized restoration fabrication, and accurate treatment, which can lead to enhanced results.
  • Improvements in the quality, appearance, and longevity of all-ceramic restorations can create more beautiful, natural-looking smiles than ever before.
  • Increased collaboration between specialists – which may include, periodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons – has contributed to improvement in the health and overall results achieved with complex treatment plans.
  • Promotion of cosmetic dentistry procedures in the media and the availability of in-depth dental information geared toward patients has made them more aware of the transformative capabilities of advanced dentistry.
  • The increase in dentistry-savvy patients has elevated the level of communication between dentist and patient. Concerns, goals, and procedure options are easier to discuss, which leads to a higher level of understanding and trust when planning treatment and setting expectations.

Now more than ever, patients are aware that a skilled, experienced dentist utilizing the latest technology and most current treatment methodologies can transform the health and appearance of their smiles. Furthermore, many of them have seen the outstanding, smile transforming results this level of treatment can deliver and are willing to pursue the healthy, beautiful smile they desire.

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